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Takbiri Engineering Group

Takbiri Engineering Group, with a group of professional staff and more than 10 years of brilliant and shining work history and experience by taking advantage of the world's most up to date knowledge and creativity in the fields in relation to architecture, interior and exterior design from consultation to execution stage...

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Here's a little about what we're up to.

is ready to deliver the following services:
•Performing/executing modelling and rendering projects (3ds max Vray)
•Professional design of residential units, villas & calculation and execution.
•Design and execution of building facades using classic and modern methods.
•Rebuilding, renovation & optimization of old and worn out spaces.
•Designing together with free consultation matching and considering the employer's intended budget.
•Plan design including:
-Designing a variety of phasic, two-residential and villa plans.
-Preparation of calculation map and structure.
-Designing of plan sites and presenting/delivering 3-dimensional designs before execution.


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Tehran, Iran
Phone: +98 2122578367


Instagram: @SaberTakbiri
Telegram Channel: @SaberTakbiri
Facebook: Saber Takbiri